About Me

At first..
I pursued other paths. I have a BA in International Relations from American University. I value diversity in culture, beliefs and ideas. I was a young mother with two kids. My interest in painting murals started when I decided to paint my babies room full of Disney characters. Early on, I obtained a contractor’s license and built a construction company, learning how to grow and develop a business. In 2002, I was looking for a change. I self-studied and earned my MCSE from Microsoft. The job market was rough at this time and my new choice in career didn’t quite pan out.
I became an artist. Well, not quite overnight. It was a lot of passion and hard work.
And now…
I love what I do for a living. I have maintained ongoing relationships with clients from the year I started my business, B&G Studios, in 2003. I strive to do my best and make my client’s happy on every job. It wasn’t easy starting life over and building a new company from scratch. I thank each and every person who has supported me, trusted me and given me the opportunity to work for them.


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