Tatoowall project for a basement mural leading to a wine room

Tattoowalls are an innovative new technique of transferring an image to a wall. It is not the application of paper. This modern technology prints an image using ecosolvent ink. The colored ink is then transferred off of the paper onto the wall. This transfer technique can be applied to a flat surface or a textured surface. It can be scaled to your specific dimensions and there are an abundance of royalty free images you can use dating back to the art of ancient times. Once applied, you can add detail to the image, distress, or otherwise manipulate the final image. Paint and other products can be applied to the surface of the tattoowall.

Tatoowall project with ArchitextureA mural using tatoowall, an innovative new product developed in Italy whereby an image is printed on an ecosolvent printer then transferred onto the wall. Before PiceThis space started with unfinished wood columns done in three arches. Woodgrained ColumnsThe wood colums were woodgrained in a finish color which matched the color of other wood elements in this basement space. Texure finishIt was decided to do a light texture in the spaces between the columns. The texture would telegraph through the tatto wall application. Stock photoA stock photo was chosen by the client. This space leads into a wine room, so the subject of the photo was appropriate. Measurements were taken and the image was grapically altered to fit the space. TatoowallThe tatoowall was printed in Italy then sent here by Architexture. We determined the center lines and calculated the placement of the three peices so that the image would progress logically behind the three columns. We decided to create a template as well to make the application more manageable. First panelWe applied the glue and transferred the first panel to the wall. FranFrances Rauch of FR Designs assisted me in the application. Second panelWe applied the second panel by wetting the surface and pushing the tattowall into the textural crevices of the wall. Second PanelWe scored the edges with a razor blade as close to the wood frame as possible. Color variationAs the second panel went up, we recognized that the farthermost left panel had a pinkish tone relative to the center and it was decided to ajust the color with paint once the installation was completed. Panel completionThe last panel went up and it resignated almost entirely black. We knew this would be an issue from the beginning when looking at the stock photo. We had resolved to paint more detail into the third panel. We also decided to paint over the white base trim and woodgrain the base. Almost doneAt this stage all that was left was to paint in more detail. The edges had been touched up. The color variation between the first and second panels was corrected. The window was altered to change the perspective. The client had changed out the plug from white to black. We also painted part of the column which was barely visible into the third panel. Finished tatoowallOur finished product.
Tatoowall project with Architexture1 Before Pice2 Woodgrained Columns3 Texure finish4 Stock photo5 Tatoowall6 First panel7 Fran8 Second panel9 Second Panel10 Color variation11 Panel completion12 Almost done13 Finished tatoowall14
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