Decorative Plaster over Gold Leaf
The client gained inspiration for this foyer project after a trip to Russia. While visiting The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the client was in awe of the decor at Pavilion Hall in the winter palace. Beaux-Artes Studios, provided and designed the layout of the decorative plaster molding and also incorporated Abalone shell into the design. The plaster molding was glazed with a subtle antiquing solution and applied over gold leaf. This project is ongoing.
Gilded Ceilings
Gilding the ceiling is a decorative technique whereby a very thin sheet of metal is applied to the surface. Gold leaf is very traditional has long been a integral component of architecture. Silver leaf is being used more and more in modern design.
Custom Gilded Furniture
The client was inspired to redo childhood bedroom furniture. B&G created a custom scroll design, which was raised texturally then gold leafed. The cream colored furniture and custom gold scroll design were antiqued with an asphaltum solution. The tops of furniture were also done in gold leaf.
Copper Leaf Rangehood
The client wanted to use copper accents for her kitchen renovation. It was cheaper to purchase the rangehood in stainless steel and then have it copper leafed. The copper was antiqued with an asphaltum glaze.
Gilded Walls
Gilded Walls.
Gilded Accents on Furniture
Metal leaf is a beautiful and authentic looking way to add rich detail to furniture makeovers.
Logo/Signs in Gold Leaf
Gold leaf is traditionally used in sign painting.
Artwork with Metal Leaf
Metal leaf is beautiful in artwork.
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